Marijuana and Panic Attacks – Is There a Link?


Is there a direct link between smoking marijuana and fear disorder? In this short essay I hope to explain why smoking cannabis can enhance the prospect of having an anxiety attack and a few of the solutions you can employ to minimize and prevent these.

Before I start, I would like to say however that I am by no means condemning cannabis usageI believe people are not free to live their own lives as they wish, I do want to help you though by mentioning the reality and risks associated with marijuana usage.

Pot is a favorite amongst its recreational users because of its sweet and sweet effect it has on the body and mind. Additionally, it has been advocated by health practitioners to reduce pain, cause hunger and relieve stress. When it comes to anxiety disorders nevertheless, that’s another story.

In a word, yes marijuana does have a significant contribution to the likelihood of panic disorder. Any sort of substance that gets the ability to change how the mind functions has the capability to boost and magnify the frequency of having some sort of anxiety attack, this includes alcohol, smoking and caffeine.

The fact isthat marijuana may cause paranoia, and paranoia may be one among those feelings a panic attack victim will feel. This itself could lead to an anxiety attack speedily, even when you’re feeling calm before. The main reason is basically because pot gets the ability to show sub-par beliefs towards the conscious area of your head. Any insecure or fearful feelings you’ve got deep rooted in your mind become far more apparent, thus beginning a cycle of anxious feelings.

So what do you really do about any of it? Lots of people do like smoking marijuana and are loath to give their pastime up every time soon. The best thing you can perform if that you is to consider different areas of your lifestyle you can improve, this can be matters such as eating healthy, getting more exercise and reducing your stress levels by doing something you like.

More to the point, you will need to handle you stress illness head and remove it eternally. This will get rid of the inherent feelings once and for all and significantly decrease the risk associated with bud and panic disorder.

Removing the underlying causes of anxiety is of utmost value to get rid of this unpleasant condition. For those who have been searching for methods to remove fear strikes permanently then head to [] to get a recognized method that has helped 1000s of individuals worldwide.

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